DHELUXE is a brand dedicated to the passion of design, created to open up the captivating world of modern sculptures to a wider audience. Experience the easy way to buy art.


By hand-selecting the world’s finest sculptures we created a symposium of unique designs, colors and abstract forms which stand out of the crowd. Our expert team searches the world to discover beautiful artworks from international artists and interior designers and Our products are unique and of high quality. Up until now only accessible to industry insiders, we open up the international gates to the sculpturing Section of Art.


We are taking this idea and try our best to make exclusive art more accessible to the general public, still handmade and manufactured with love but more available&affordable. Our own designers of sculptures and abstract furniture integrate different cultures, items and fashion styles into art. We do not distinguish between well-known artists, upcoming ones and simply unknown. Therefore our way of defining art is simple – it should catch your attention, stimulate your imagination and touch you.


We are proud of our selection, as we believe it exemplifies the things that we value most at dheLUXE: quality craftsmanship, exclusiveness and the so called „Wow-Factor“ in each of our works.
Most of all, our strengths include paying attention to the flawlessness of our Artworks, identifying our customer‘s requirements and offering him suitable works and materials of the highest quality.


DHELuxe is the easy way to buy sculptures


We don’t forget that meanwhile we speak about the beautiful non-necessity of an artwork, people in the poorest countries of the world are struggling with starvation and have no chances of school education . Therefore each time a Sculpture is bought at dheLUXE we donate a certain amount of our Profit to our NGO Partner cooperations. Hereby the choice obliged the customer where the money will transferred to, we cooperate with several small Partner Organisation and are busy expanding our network. We believe that we can start a little change and ensure a basic education in order to enable the children a brighter future. On top we try to awake their Passion for art and may develop a future skill which provide them an additional income.

Due to our international network of art&design we already got a bigger diversity&variety in our Portfolio as could be found anywhere else. We integrate different cultures, items, fashion styles and pooled up everything what you expect into art.

Artists like Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Anish Kapoor, and Henry Moore are some popular examples for this movement of art. All of these artists approach their art in totally different ways and for different motivations, but all are driven to make art more accessible to the people.

Beyond our brand is a community of artists and so a Symposium of their mesmerizing works. Our team sources the world’s most striking, extraordinary and impressive sculptures of all sizes as well as unique one of a kind furniture. We aspire to give you access to a carefully curated selection of the most outstanding artworks from all over the world.
Furthermore, we are continually adding cooperating artists to our team. The artist as such is hereby part of our team and so all Artworks are branded with „dheLUXE“. The Branding comes along with  a guarantee for highest quality standards, the worldwide biggest Portfolio of Sculptures including optional customization of each, the availability of large editions and a new way of defining Art. In our Team the artists aren’t in competition, furthermore they are colleagues and forming together the luxurious brand „dheLUXE- Design at its finest“.They are their best resource for new inspiration, so instead competing with each other -they collaborate.

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